About Us

As food truck owners in Los Angeles, we began to notice that a huge portion of our profits were lost each month to excessive booking fees. While a hundred or two hundred a day might not seem like much, it adds up very quickly, especially for a small business. While most food truck owners alike agree that they are willing to pay a third party to book their locations, the high flat fees they pay are simply unfair. By charging a flat fee, food truck bookers assume no risk in sending a food truck to serve. Regardless of the truck’s success, the booker receives the same payment. With so many family businesses and hardworking owners who have put their livelihood into serving their food, flat fees cut unfairly into their hard earned profits. The community of food trucks has been pushing for bookers to charge only a percentage of sales, but with so many competing trucks, bookers have all the power. We are changing that. Food Trucks First was started with one goal in mind: to help food truck owners do what they love without worrying about third party services overcharging.

Now as bookers, we strive to work with our trucks, keep our fees at 10% of sales always, and work to build relationships between trucks and properties. As truck owners, we understand what goes into running a business like this; and we know that the last thing an owner should have to worry about is booking locations and losing money. If food trucks sell poorly at a spot, they should be charged a lower fee, and vice versa. This equalizes the playing field, and as our name implies, puts the food truck back in charge of their industry.

When you book with Food Trucks First, you are helping make a statement that can go a long way to helping the hard-working food trucks owners and their community. The industry is tough. The hours are long. Help us help food trucks continue to do what they love, and provide us with amazing food from cultures stemming from all over the world. It’s time to put the Food Trucks First.