Focusing on low costs for vendors and building the mobile food community

About Us

We are a gourmet food truck booking service helping connect food trucks and mobile vendors with properties and events throughout California.

Our Mission

To help food truck and mobile vendor owners do what they love without having to worry about third party services overcharging. Our fee, determined in conjunction with vendors, is 10% and it always will be.

What we provide?

We provide an important service to both food truck owners and property managers. Finding locations to sell as a food truck can be a daunting task, so we take that on for them. By focusing on profitable spots and sharing risk with trucks, we help trucks improve their sales and in turn build their business. On the other side, we help property managers increase the amenities available to their tenants. By bringing in a wide variety of trucks and cuisines on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis, we help property managers serve their tenants to the best of their abilities.